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    So I'm looking into getting a field gun and I have my eye on the KWA SR-10 right now. Could I get some pros and cons? And recommendations for a battery? I'm also open to any other gun recommendations that you think will work best.
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    I have been running with an SR10 for almost two years now. It has been a good purchase for me. In its stock form, I was getting about 17-18 BBs/sec with a 9.6v NiMH battery at 385-390 FPS. Until I decided to upgrade it, I only had to re-attach the motor contacts once and replaced the piston head o-ring once. I have to say that the KWA o-rings do tend to dry out. Otherwise it was fine.

    Once I decided to upgrade it, the SR10 was fairly easy to work on. Everything in the "pneumatic train" is easily replaced. With a new piston, piston head and spring, it was shooting between 400 and 410 FPS. With AOE corrected, shimmed gears and upgraded piston, it has run well with 11.1 lipos. Unfortunately, The KWA motor could not handle the 11.1 lipo and died on me. Switched it out with an SRC Ultra Torque motor and it has worked like a champ ever since. 28 BBs/sec. By the way, only the nozzle and gear box shell are truly proprietary. Most of the parts you will think about upgrading (springs, piston, gears, piston head and motor) can easily be switched out.

    Pros: Beefy 2gx gearbox, decent 2g bucking, decent FPS for stock gun, 6.05mm +/- .03mm inner barrel made in Japan (mine actually ended up being closer to 6.03mm), metal body, not to difficult to upgrade. It is reliable as a stock gun. Even with a dried out o-ring, it was hitting 385 FPS.

    Cons: Weak motor that will likely die with lipo batteries, no "real steel" trades (if that is important to you), tight magwell that is picky about magazines, stock piston o-rings tend to dry out and most lipo batteries will not fit in crane stock. Use can use the BOL lipos from KWA's website (I don't recommend them) or the mini Gens Ace batteries from Also SR10's use an off standard M4 barrel length (425mm).

    Even if you are not interested in upgrading it, the SR10 will be fine. Get a couple of 9.6v nunchuck NiMH batteries and you are ready to play. If you don't want a KWA, VFC and G&P also make good guns.
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    I had the sr12, just the sr10 with a longer barrel and fixed stock, loved the thing, never had any problems with it, very accurate, shot a little hot at 410 but easily lowered. very easy gun to work on. would still have it if I wasn't so clumsy (I broke a piece because I was being stupid and just didnt feel like taking the time to replace it, so i used it to upgrade the cqr.)