Kwa sr10

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by killerairsoft, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. killerairsoft

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    What do u guys think of this gun. I would love to have a long range assault rifle. Also I know it come lipo ready. But is it ok to use a regular 9.6 nunchuck in it. Any replays are greatly appreciated thanks.
  2. TheAirsoftTech

    TheAirsoftTech New Member

    I'm quite sure there are threads on this... Anyway, the gun will perform ok (not great or even good IMO) It's perfectly fine to run a 9.6 nun chuck in it. You'll get a good ROF out of it with that battery. My friend has one, that's the same battery he uses in it and he says he gets about 19 bbs a second. But, I will recommend not getting a KWA, and instead get a VFC or G&P.

  3. IHOP

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    It would be a better idea to use the 9.6v in it than a lipo. If you want a lipo, get a lower powered one. KWA actually only recommends something like a 12c max for use in their guns. That way they can claim "UBER1337LIPOREADY" when they are just using a weaksauce lipo. Of course thats something the general populus doesn't know, so then you see a bunch of KWAs getting blown electricals and stripped gears.