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  1. mcgrewcm

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    I'm looking to upgrade my standars KWA sr10. A longer barrel tbb 6.03. Better piston (matched to longer barrel, and stronger motor. No experience with this stuff. What the heck should I get? Links too please.
  2. intenseairsoft

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    I would go for a madbul inner barrel and if i were you i would either get magpul front grip or a differant rail system like some daniel defence

  3. mcgrewcm

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    Yea but what about a motor and piston
  4. Thestig

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    What is your budget? That will determine what to suggest.
  5. S1kkguy

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    Be sure to change your non ported piston head to a ported one mate. You'll notice smoother cycles and a slight increase in ROF, though that might not be as noticable.

    Your piston doesn't need to be changed unless it's damaged btw. Also, it's the cylinder volume that needs to be matched with the barrel.
  6. intenseairsoft

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    Motor- matrix high torque or systema high torque

    Poston- any steel toothed piston in my opinion
  7. Bulldawg26

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    I upgraded my SR10 with the following parts:

    SRC Ultra Torque motor...
    SHS (Blue) 15 steel tooth piston...
    SHS (Red) ported piston head...
    Guarder SP110 spring...
    Infected Armory MOSFET. haven't had any problems with the MOSFET but have heard others have had trouble with the active braking version of it. I have also changed out the battery connector to Deans. Everything else in the gearbox is stock. With these upgrades I was initially getting 415-418 fps. It has now settled down to between 406 and 410 fps.

    I also upgraded my batteries to 11.1 lipos. As you may know, it is difficult to find a lipo battery that will fit in an SR10 crane stock. The BOL batteries are overpriced with only a 15c discharge rate. Check out the Gens Ace Lipo batteries at They are cheap (@ $15 each) and reliable. Here is the page for the 11.1v lipo: and here is the one for 7.4v: They both have a better (20c) discharge rate. I was getting 20-22 bbs/sec with a 7.4v lipo and 27-28 bbs/sec with the 11.1. More than enough for field games.

    As far as TBB's go, it is very difficult to get one in a 425mm length. I got an EDGI 6.01 TBB barrel and it didn't perform better than my stock barrel...not even the slight increase in fps that I expected with 6.01 barrel. I ended up going back to the stock barrel. I have heard that other players have tried the Guarder 6.02 TBB barrel with a mock suppressor but I believe it will stick out beyond the standard flash hider. I'd be careful with a Madbull barrel in SR10's. I have heard that they are a little thicker than stock barrels and don't fit well in the KWA outer barrel with its tighter tolerances. Check the KWA forums to be sure. One thing I would definitely do is to switch out the 2g bucking for a PDI W-Hold. It has given me much better range and accuracy than the KWA 2g bucking and doesn't wear down nearly as fast.

    I hope this helps. If you want to "talk" about it more, send me a pm.
  8. alex

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    ^^^ this...

    and what performance gains are you looking at?
    will this be used for both indoor and outdoor?
  9. mcgrewcm

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    Im looking to stay under $175 and this is outdoor woodland games with no fps limit.