L85 trigger contacts

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    I had heard a lot about the G&G l85's trigger contacts burning out and was wondering what exactly was meant by that. Is it just one of these?


    Because if that is the case then it doesn't seem like it would be too big of a problem. Does it use the V2 trigger assembly like that? V3? Other?

    Also, I got this thing used and it came without a flash hider or charging handle. The charging handle must have broken off, because there are fragments of what I think used to be there, plus it is a hole instead of the nub that I have seen in videos. I checked with G&G and they wanted something like $60+ for all of this. I think just crafting my own charging handle and flash hider would be the best, but I am not entirely sure what should be done. For the charging handle, I found that some roofing/tar paper nails have the correct diameter for the hole and have a flat enough head to be potentially functional, but I don't know what to use as the actual handle. And I am completely lost on the flash hider.

    And one last thing. Does the L85 come stock with a GR16 hop up? Like I said, I got this used and I can tell that some modifications have been done to it, but I am not sure if perhaps the seller ripped me off with a lower quality hop up out of a different gun. It is plastic, grey, and says G&G and GR16 on it.