L96 Sniper Rifle

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been out of airsoft for a while and I am now planning on selling my guns. I have this L96 sniper rifle that I bought around 9-10 years ago. It was barley used and still in great shape, only problem is, is that the manual and box were thrown out when I was in college. I am going to put it on Ebay (camgoe-37 if you are interested) but I can't find the brand on the gun anywhere. I was hoping some trained eyes may be able to help me figure it out by the pics attached or where I could find serial numbers or some identifiers on the gun to help figure it out.

    I can also add more pictures to the thread if that helps, its not letting me add more than this one right now though.


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    Can't be 100% sure but it is most likely a WELL L96.
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