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Discussion in 'Louisiana Airsoft Forum' started by AndyA, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. AndyA

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    Hey y'all,

    I'm new to the forums but I joined to communicate with people so I will. The Lafayette air soft community is pretty weak since there are no places to play regularly OR often. Levenna is fun and all but that's once a month and i'm not certain about paintball command. So I was thinking lets get a head count of all the guys in the area and try to find some land in the Lafayette area to air soft once every other week and maybe try to host a mini op in summer.

    If any body hosts regularly with at least 10 people please tell me and I will take my team of five total players to add to the numbers.

    Otherwise if you represent a team or a small group of people post and lets try to make a big push to get as many of the guys in this area as possible to play together as often as possible.

  2. Cordell_Weston

    Cordell_Weston New Member

    I'm one guy but I have a full kit and a car to use. Also I have team patches from my old team in Oregon

  3. et_chauvin

    et_chauvin New Member

    how old r u because i have a tam in crowley (about 12) and we r all 16ish.
  4. Cordell_Weston

    Cordell_Weston New Member

    I'm 17. But my stuff is in Oregon at the moment
  5. BrandenD667

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    I just joined this forum, I've been to Both Ironclads and also 2 of the 3 Blacksheep events and going to Ironhose out in Georgia. I see that most of you guys are from the Lafayette area. I play as often as I can, but I've never been to Levena.. I mostly play at National OPs or drive out the Lake Charles to play at Ironsight.. The Level of play @ Ironsite is more akin to what you will find at the big National OPs (helps that the field is owned by one of the owners of American Milsim). There's a pretty big community of airsofters from the Baton Rouge Area and New Orleans Areas.. Look for us on facebook Louisiana Airsoft community.. some of the guys would be interested in meeting yall.. and Keep your ears open.. there might be a new airsoft only field with a pro shop opening up soon....
  6. CheckpointLima141

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    I'm in the Baton Rouge community and there's a field in Gonzales that does airsoft they have a page on Facebook
    But I'm willing to drive if it fits my schedule (I work weekends so it's a matter of what times) but I'm another guy with some friends wanting to sling some bbs