lancer tactical airsoft m4 aeg w/ free float rail system black lt-22b problems

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    I'm gonna keep this all in the same thread cause it's still yet another problem with the same gun. My gun gets stuck on semi at times. Meaning after several shots it just wont fire unless I put it on auto fire then back to semi. Again at first I thought it was something I did, But I've seen two videos on u-tube with two guys having the same problem right from the box. I never fired this gun in it's original state ,So I wasn't aware of this til after I changed everything,Apparentaly this time it's not me. I was thinking of just replacing the whole trigger/wire harness unless I can get a better answer to the problem. After 4 or 5 shots the trigger sticks like I put the safety on.
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    similar thing happened to my stock combat machine awhile back. i never fixed it tho. i though it had something to do with trigger contacts.

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    Wiring is not the cause of your issue

    Sticky cut off lever is the main potential culprit.

    As you noted, it gets "stuck". A Cut off level mitigates it to only firing once. If you put an AEG into FA mode it completely disengages the cut of lever thus "unsticking" it.

    Check the spring and the free play of the lever.
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    You don't have to fully empty out your gearbox to check but I suspect as has been said before the cutoff lever is not resetting properly (missing selector plate spring?) or there is a spacing problem with your trigger/switch trolley/switch housing.

    Make sure the trigger engages with the trolley through its entire length of travel with the spring installed, and that the cutoff lever properly kicks off the trolley from the trigger when activated by the sector gear.
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    First you need to make sure the safety lever mechanism (one that blocks the trigger) isn't damaged and is tightly together and that its not wobbling around enough to cause it to block the trigger then in semi. Some selector plates have a secondary safety which is a metal plate that only contacts when in semi or auto, sometimes those plates come loose and make a aeg misbehave.

    Now for a more complex possibility yet to be mentioned, this may not be the problem but it sounds very similar to what ive seen before.
    If the cutoff lever is stuck up for any reason it would fire full auto, not stick in semi auto. If it feels like the trigger can't fully go forward when it won't fire, it could have overspun into "semi deadzone" which will lock up the gun until you fire in auto for a split moment. This is when the cutoff lever happens to come to rest from overspin (from any mechanical or physical reason) directly in the way of the trigger contacts trolley, If you force the trigger it will flatten out where it contact and the issue will just become much worse, and eventually it will cause semi auto to stop functioning as there isn't enough material for the cutoff lever to interact with. First symptom would be full auto when you barely pull the trigger back but semi works if you pull the trigger fast.

    You can check this by looking for wear on the trolley.
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