Lancer Tactical CA-805P Typhon/Kryptek w/Extras

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    Lancer Tactical CA-805P Typhon/Kryptek Helmet w/Extras

    You guys know what you're looking at here.

    Lancer Tactical CA-805P Typhoon/Kryptek design with Z-Tactical Z036 Comtac II headset (IPSC ver) and Z Tactical Z046 Helmet Rail Adapter Set (Black) as well as the Element Military Grade Microphone for Comtac 2 type headset.

    You guys know what all of this stuff is worth. Helmet and comms are MINT. It has been in a case used as a display. It's only been worn a handful of times.

    I want to keep all of the patches, but everything else is included.

    Here's a price breakdown:
    Helmet - $60
    Z-Tactical Z036 Comtac II headset - $55
    Z-Tactical Liberator Micophone For ZComtac II Headset - $18
    Z-Tactical Z046 Helmet Rail Adapter Set for COMTAC II Headset - $40
    Lancer Tactical Modular Helmet Lighting System - $40
    Tactical Helmet Distress ID - $15

    That's $228 that I have tied up in this helmet not including shipping.

    Comms are non-functional as far as I know. I never tried to hook them up or make them work as this was used as a display only.

    I'm not looking for trades and I will not part anything out.

    Asking $150 OBO via PayPal.
    Shipping is free East of the Mississippi. Add $10 West of the Mississippi.
    If you're in Canada, we need to get a quote.

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    When you say comes are non functional are you saying they are damaged...or you genuinely never tried to actually use them at all?

    Somewhat interested
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    sold sold sold sold sold sold​