Lancer tactical enforcer concerns

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by ColemanDove, Jan 30, 2020.

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    I love this gun, I'm actually a fan of lancer tactical gen2 and up. They are great guns. The enforcer night wing looks beautiful but my concerns are the skeletized opening at the top of the reciever. I play at put door fields and I'm worried about dust dirt, rain or mud getting into the open slot area and messing things up. Thoughts? Screenshot_20200130-192719.jpeg
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    Having worked on guns used in the rain, water and dust always works it's way in.

    Gearboxes suck in air through the back of the cylinder and the open nozzle tip.

    But openings would allow more in. You could put clear tape on the inside covering the holes, but dirt might stick to that a bit over time. Maybe use a smaller piece of tape to cover the middle of the large piece to effectively seal it without it being sticky in the middle of the port covers.

    However remember looks of a gun are irrelevant to their actual build materials. It

    Also the only real threat is mud or debris. Dust and rain will get in regardless.

    It's most likely pot metal, not cnc aluminum with cutouts.

    Sometimes a plain black m4 from a well known higher quality brand is more rewarding than stuff like this.

    Also to any airsofter who doesn't service their own guns, rain and "pot metal" dont get along if let to dry on it's own.

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    Honestly...the DUMBEST AR Receiver design ever. Looks cool, but lets foreign matter enter the gun easily.

    I was on the AR15 forum and a 3 Gun Shooter was crowing about his RS version of that receiver. I off hand mentioned it was stupid and he got all uppity (I criticized his choice).

    Then I had to mention to him that shooting paper is not the same as "combat" where you crawl around in the dirt like this.

    If something were to "happen" and you had to drag your gun across the that "shiny" gun going to work when you sight it up to fire.

    99% of the forum sided with me.

    But for Airsoft, what you can do is take flexible acetate and cut strips and line it over the "slots" on the inside of the receiver. Maintain the looks and you have a clear barrier keeping dirt out.
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    Or, you can buy a Specna core for slightly less, or a Specna Edge for slightly more. Both are FAR superior choices.
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    if you want a mediocre gun to run until it break, that's perfect. But do not be disappointed when it breaks. but the specna kinda good tho.