landestine airsoft and lonex m4s

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  1. Kevin468

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    SO ive heard a couple people say that they recommend clandestines lonex m4 line. I dont know much about clandestine airsoft and ive neve rbought from them. The lonex m4 hat they only carry os 220$ and the internals seem great! I just wanted to know if they are a good website and if the lonex m4s are easy to upgrade and if i can use a7.4 lipo without getting sny kind of damage.
  2. Flocktime

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    Clandestine is a superb website. Many people order off it. It's the fourms place to go for Lonex M4s and Lonex parts. It's a trusted website. You can surely use a 7.4 in a stock Lonex M4. A 7.4 is the equivalent of a 9.6 if it has a right discharge rate. It you move to a 11.1 I would strongly suggest a mosfet.

  3. WillB

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    Clandestine is fantastic. I have ordered many products from them. Shipping is fast and products are good.
  4. Kevin468

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    I want to get thelonex cabm4 sooo badly but its out of stock. Will they get it back in stock soon? I was planning to buy a kwa usp compact this weekend. And i was thinking of getting the lonex instead. But since its out of stock Im just gonna get the KWA usp compact.

    Il try saving up for a lonex cqb m4 and maybe i can get one around easter.
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    Ill have to contact Ben on that because I don't know. If they do get one in stock though ill be the first customer :) don't own an m4 as of now and the Lonex m4 on clandestine will most likely be my newest! Haha I have heard EXCELLENT things on the gun and I personally only buy parts from unless they are out of stock. Never had a problem and great shipping.
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    This what I think when I see a misspelled thread title.

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    They are very, very good guns i highly recommend them, i have lots of hands on with one of the lonex m4, they resemble the VFC a lot. Which is really good. Also they come with a good AOE right out of the box, and the shim job is decent.