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    All sorts of high end airsoft AEG'S and other gear. Ask for more pictures, details and pricing. First to buy will get first pick of accessories that are attached to the airsoft gun or gear they buy which will add to the price. As of now I only have a few good batteries left if you need one let me know. Everything works great, a couple have less than 500 bb's shot through them most of the custom pieces are gone but some remain. All prices will be around or more than 50% less than retail and several items are very hard to find as they have been discontinued. Text Jeff at 6185789838 for photos and any questions

    Brief rundown of most of the airsoft guns with at time of purchase price (ATOP) and asking price

    1x Colt licensed metal M4A1 with some custom modifications totalling $440 in it's current setup. Asking $200 base setup with foregrip, 1x40 diamond red dot.

    1x FNH FN 2000 nothing custom and missing flash hider $350 ATOP (at time of purchase) asking $200

    1x Ares MTAR $500 ATOP asking $300

    1x UTG M96 spring sniper rifle $150 ATOP asking $80 with spare mags

    1x socom punisher 1911 $200 ATOP asking $90

    1x WE 1911 with a Tight Bore barrel $200 ATOP asking $80

    1× limited 60th anniversary addition fully licensed tactical AK47 Kalashnikov full metal $200 ATOP asking $120

    1x Tactical tri shot shotgun. Asking $60

    1x A&K M249 SAW full metal $400 ATOP asking $200

    1x Echo 1 USA M249 SAW full metal with a 6.03 Tight Bore barrel, G&G Gteen bucking, optic mount, and custom feed cover made frome a belt of real 556 rounds that have had the primers and powder removed. $400 + ATOP asking $200

    VFC M4A1 CQB setup with integrated flashlight fore grip. $360 ATOP ASKING $170.

    Smart parts paintball gun with freak barrel, custom trigger, Vlocity jr hopper, Draxus air tank asking $200

    A ton of gear and accessories as well.
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    Interested in the saw, pm’d you

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    Interested in saw, mtar, and 1911s, pm'ing