Laser Or Tac Light

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  1. xXIndestructibleXx

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    Alright, so I'm getting a KWA MP7A1. I was wondering which I should choose, a laser or combat light. I have given both a thought. And this is my reasoning

    Pros: Quick Target Acquisition. Long Distance Aiming.

    Tactical Light
    Pros: Can temporarily stun or immobilize hostile. Can (I believe white BB's) track BB's.

    So my question is still, which one should I get? Anyone with more information and combat experience please be sure to inform me, Thanks!
  2. rblevinski

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    If I were you, I would get a PEQ-15 with laser and light. They have some on

  3. havocm4

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    For the kwa mp7a1, I would recommend the tac light. This is because i am going to assume your using this for cqb, which means immobilization/stunning is a great advantage, as well as it is hard to use a laser in cqb, around the tight spaces, it is better to just use something with a larger target enhancement.
    The best is a combo, with a laser and light.
  4. xXIndestructibleXx

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    Yes, I forgot to mention I do play CQC, I was thinking of a combo but I think an PEQ Box is a little hefty for an MP7. As for the Tac. Light, you do make a valid point, I kind of inching towards the light.
  5. SilentVectorX

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    Just get a chinese copy of the TLR-2. It's the same size as the average pistol light, but with a built-in laser.
  6. havocm4

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    Your really not going to need a laser for cqb, it takes more time to acquire the target than to have no laser.
  7. Bait

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    A flashlight is way better. You can have an advantage in CQB, night games, and short distance shooting. For CQB you blind them. At night games you can see easily. And for short distance shooting you have a good idea of where the BBs are going. A laser can on help in short distance shooting while a light gives you 2 other advantages. The light is the way to go! Looks better too.
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    In the numerous of threads directly related to this question, the flashlight has always gotten the upper hand due to it's multiple uses.
    It doesn't just light your way, it can also be used to distract and temporarily blind the enemy as well as attract attention when needed (ie you want to draw fire/attention so your team can better flank).
    The laser helps in acquiring targets and can be used as a distraction method, but the flashlight is much better as distracting.

    If you can only get one, the flashlight is more effective. If you can get both, grab both.