Last Man Standing. An idea on how to at least delay an offensive.

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    You and your fireteam are moving to capture an objective. Finally, after hours of preperation and moving stealthily, you're within sight of it. However, your intel was off and the OP-4 started moving several squads out to assault your base.

    Your fireteam has encountered several of these squads.

    In a coordinated movement, you and your fireteam all move to defensive positions to try and counter the onslaught. However, the many many guns on your guys is taking its toll and, one by one, your team is being slaughtered. Before long, you're on your own.

    You break for the high ground and the game begins...

    As many of us know, there are situations we can't help and we all know that nine out of ten times, you're going to lose. I'm here to advise on "going down swinging" as it's known.

    First thing you should do in a situation like this one (as you should do ANYWAY as an operative is) as soon as you notice a situation is out of your control is, to become hyper-sensitive to enemy troop movement, that is, keep an eye on everybody you can see. You're probably going to lose, might as well take some of them with you.

    For example, most of us know that the high ground is usually high on the list of "best places to go" however, not always is this the case. If you haven't been paying attention to the OP-4s movement, you could potentially miss one of the assaulting squads movement up that hill in an attempt to flank you... running into that many guys on your own is generally a bad thing.

    Assuming that you managed to keep someone from going up there, you break up the hill. Running from cover to cover, you should attempt to lose the pursuing guns and find a good spot to go prone (or any position that allows you mimimum exposure to enemy fire) and wait in ambush. Take this opportunity to get your bearings straight, you likely only have a few seconds to check your mag in your weapon and take a deep breath. Once the enemy has happned upon you, start trying to eliminate your pursuers. If it's a large force coming after you, you might only want to take out a few of your pusuers to avoid being overwhelmed. Be absolutely sure you try and take down the guys barking orders if you have the shot, those guys even if they aren't the squad leaders can break a squads morale if they're the only one who has eyes on you and you tap him out. Again, assuming you're still alive, you break again from cover and either move uphill some more or off to a flank to attempt to again, confuse your enemy.

    At this point, you will have at least committed one squad (several the closer you are to their main base) thus, at least for as long as you last, away from your remaining friendlies. Sometimes this isn't about you or you completing the objective, there have been several cases where one man can delay an assault long enough for his allies to either get to safety or close the gap and finish the mission for you. Live or die, you will be talked about in respect.

    Moving on, just as before, tap out a few guys and move on, placing as much distance between yourself and the OP-4 as you can. If you manage to lose the entire squad, your options open up. If you're a sneaky kind of guy, you can systematically eliminate your opponents in such a way to either keep them on their toes, or to clear a path in an attempt to take the objective anyway.

    But, what if I can't break for the high ground?

    You'll need to go for an area with a lot of cover. You can still bound away from the OP-4 if need be but keep in mind, there's a better chance that they're going to have the same amount of wind as you, that is, they won't be as tired as they would be running up a hill. Fight as hard as you can but in a smart way. The more you confuse these guys, the better. It's important to keep your head straight so to not be overwhelmed.

    Hey guess what Mr. Post-Happy McDudebro, the flat ground is covered too.

    Sounds like your only choice is to run downhill. You'll find that you're going to be able to cover a lot of ground very quickly but keep in mind, so will the OP-4. However, this does present a unique opportunity. If your enemies are very well equipped (and thus very encumbered) and they try to sprint down the hill after you, they're gonna have a hard time to stop. Newton's law. Use this to your advantage, try to post up quick and drop as many guys as you can who overshoot the cover they're breaking for. If they don't try to outrun you to catch up with you, they'll have to move slow so they don't fall and hurt themselves. This is your opportunity to do the opposite and flat out outrun the guys. From here, you can flank back around them or have them chase you so far downhill that it's going to take them a while to get back up in time to help their comrades from defending their base.

    Now that that's out of the way, let's break down what kinda equipment is good for what. Basic principals will be applied.

    Bolt action sniper rifles: A good one will be accurate, have a long range and will be (in my experience) lighter to carry. The benifit of having such a weapon is that they have a super slow rate of fire compared to other weapons and in a firefight, if you're being moved up on quickly, won't be much help. Your best bet with this gun will be to get as big a gap as you can between your targets and set up small ambushes. If they close the gap, you'll need to greate another big gap between you and them. Good weapon for the stealthier guys who like to get into peoples heads.

    DMR's: Similar to a sniper rifle with the added benefit of semi automatic fire. You won't need such a huge gap as you would with a sniper rifle however, they tend to be on the heavy side. Shoot and move constantly.

    Assault Rifles: Good range, fully automatic capable, high rate of fire. Using short controlled bursts, keep your targets on their toes by aiming for what you can hit, your enemies are going to be close to you so you need to not miss. If you need to bail out, break cover to cover until you have enough distance between you and them to attempt another ambush.

    CQB weapons: Too close for comfort. This also applies to the OP-4. If you can manage to get your persuers close enough to hit and definately not miss, you can cause quite a large stir, drawing more and more attention to you. This is good in a sense that you can open up an opportunity for your allies to advance. These also tend to be lighter than even most sniper rifles, you will be able to move quickly with this type of weapon.

    SAWs: You had to pick today to play Arnold Schwartzenegger didn't you? Big. Bulky. HEAVY. BUT, if it's a good one, you will have pretty good range and a high rate of fire, perfect in the sense that as long as you can still run fast with this big beefy monstrosity, you will have a very fun weapon in which to throw stealth out the window and mow some people down. Same kinda tactics apply with this gun as would an assault rifle, the difference being weight and the fact that you have 2500 rounds of hurt in your drum mag. You have a bb with the name of the squad leader on it. And you're going to shoot until you find it.

    So, what if I know I can't take everyone out?

    Unless this is some big game where once you're dead, you're dead forever, just make yourself the biggest pain in the arse you possibly can. Last as long as you can, not for the sake of winning but for the sake of making your enemies work as hard as they can to kill you. You will improve your gameplay and their gameplay by you being hard to kill, it will teach them what to look for in pursuit of someone, it will likewise teach you the art of escape and evasion.

    I'm super tired from running up this hill...

    So are they, keep pushing. You're only bettering yourself by pushing your limits harder and harder to gain the upper edge. No matter what happens, I can garuntee your confidence in yourself will be bolstered by the fact that at the very least, you conquered one really big obsticle.

    I broke away from my pursuers but there's no way I can try to take the objective alone.

    Regroup with some of your friendlies and tell them what happned. Help them formulate a plan to try again for the objective. After that, either break off alone again and reengage your enemies to draw them away from your main force or assist the (hopefully larger) main force to try again for the objective.

    I can hear my allies causing some serious ruckous at the enemy's base, but I'm outta ammo.

    If you can, regroup. If not, break away as far and fast as you can from the main fight and hopefully draw at least a few guys with you. The fewer guys your main force has to deal with, the better.

    There are of course, a multitude of things that can be talked about in this. What to bring with you, who to talk to on the radio, will pink shoes blend in with my ghillie suit. I'm just trying to give you a basic, general idea of what to do in a situation like this, ideally, you want to be able to take some guys out with you. Sometimes you will be successful, other times, you won't last 5 minutes. Be aggressive but also be smart. Strive to make life difficult for your pursuers and at the end of the day, reward yourself. Because, no matter what happens, you can always say you tried.

    I'm Edonkulation

    See that hill? Now, go and see what it looks like from up close.
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    Thought the community needed to see this again. Good post.