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  1. m4likeabomb

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    Is it legal to remove an orange tip in FL?
  2. lonewolf01

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    It should be, don't quote me on that though. I live in New York and they are more picky on these things and I am allowed to remove the orange tip. Just don't go waving it around in a crowded area and you should be fine. Hope this helps!

  3. Thestig

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    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    Edit: I was wrong, I admit. Mods, please delete this post, and let's move on.
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  4. Frostbite1

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    As far as I've read up on and have researched; Its only illegal to not have the orange tip on during sale of any sort or transportation. In your own private residence its perfectly legal, as well as on a legitimate airsoft field or on private land.
  5. alex

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    why would it be illegal? federal law regulates interstate sales of airsoft replicas. you really need to check with your local laws.
  6. Thestig

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    Colorado Springs and Southern California
    The way I interpreted the law was that regardless if on private property, or with owner's permission, orange tips had to be on. I guess my interpretation is wrong. For me, transporting guns, I want the orange tips on. And for my style play, it doesn't make much difference, although I see how it could.
  7. Knief

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    You've interpreted the law incorrectly, Thestig. The long and short of it is, the end user can do whatever he likes with his gun. The law is there for sale, importation, and commercial transportation. This is the federal law we're talking about however, and the OP needs to know about Florida law. From the sound of it, none of us are well enough versed in that to help him out. So I ask that nobody else respond to this thread unless they have information about Florida law specifically.
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    @Thestig, you are completely wrong. Please stop spreading invalid rumors.

    I've had a long day and I don't feel like pulling up the law itself, but according to FL law specifically ,it's 100% legal to remove, paint, modify, etc to your orange tip.
    The brightly colored tip in itself is required to be on the gun during commercial sell of the weapon. That is to say once you own the gun, you can so as you wish to the tip.

    In terms of it being stupid to. Well if you treat your airsoft weapon like a real weapon, orange tip or not you should be OK. The problem is when you walk down the street with it on your back, or possessing the gun in areas where airsoft (or actual weapons) is not permitted, and that's with orange tip or not.

    I would go on in detail, but I'm beat at the moment. So long story short, once you own it, the weapon is yours to do as you wish. Just be aware of consequences.
    Research transporting a gun in gun bag/case, storage of weapon, and safe travel with a weapon for proper procedures.

    If you're still unsure, go to your local law enforcement and inquire.