LCT Zenitco B30 Clone

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    I purchased this for a proof of concept for a Real Steel AK. Decided to buy the real deal for this purpose. This had no fitting or filing done to it and is in excellent condition. Minor wear from mounting a VFG on the bottom rail. It includes 6 UTG super slim rail covers, and the original box.

    This was from Evike and does not have trade marks (IMO majority of trade marks I've seen are really bad imitations/have the wrong font/words anyways)

    It also includes a tab for AEG/GBB Rifles. Despite being made for AK Airsoft Rifles some fitting may be required. I cannot guarantee it will fit your exact model. Krinks/Dracos may need shorter handguards.

    It does seem to be compatible with other zenitco clone accessories such as the longer top rail/B19 short rail. 5KU B19 and Airsoft Surgeon Top B19H rail fit without issues.

    Asking for $60 Shipped
    I'm fine with Paypal+3%, or Friends and Family for $60.

    I know my lack of post count/sales history might be alarming. I do have a really good feedback on ARFCOM.

    I usually deal with real steel accessories, but had a good experience selling airsoft stuff here in the past. Please feel free to IM me for any questions or concerns.