Lefty Bolt Mod Guide for VSR/Bar-10

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    Alright lefties! This should dramatically improve your speed and ease when racking your bolt.

    Tools you'll need:
    -allen wrenches to take your gun apart (probably the ones that came with it)
    -a tool/tools that can cut through metal and (a sharp hacksaw works surprisingly well if you don't have anything else, but it will take extra time)

    And no, those are not flowers on my sheets. They are LEAVES.

    Step 1: Take the gun down.

    Remove the stock first, (hopefully you figured that out for yourself) then trigger guard, then trigger box, then the bolt/trigger assembly. (Don't know how? Youtube.) Set those aside.

    Take the rear receiver off by removing the screw at the back of the rail:

    Step 2: Bolt
    Take the bolt apart by removing the screw behind the handle:

    It should look like this:

    Cut off the little notch (the one in the pic has already been cut off, it will be in the circled area).
    You'll probably want to smooth it out with a metal file and/or some super heavy sand paper.

    Now slide the bolt back on, on the left side. Screw it together.

    Step 3: Stock

    Cut out a notch on the left of your stock across from (and slightly ahead of, by about half a centimeter) the notch that's already there. Don't cut as far back as I did though, because the bolt will be able to slide back a bit when the gun is cocked and you will loose air compression (velocity) between the air nozzle and hop-up. Try to leave the area that is outlined in red in the picture.
    Then sand it. Remember, you want your gun to be pretty.

    Step 4: Rear receiver thing (or whatever you call it)

    Cut the left side of this out also. Yes, you do need to cut the lip off across the top (by the screw hole). Otherwise you will have the same air compression problem because the nozzle won't actually go far enough into the hop-up. Again, don't cut as far back as I did. And again, sand it down, then paint it (as I obviously hadn't done when I took these pictures).

    Step 5: Safety

    Grab your trigger box. Find the little piece sticking up from the top that slides straight down. If you can, simply pop that spring out the side of the trigger box. But, it would probably be better to open up the trigger box (by taking off the safety and removing the four screws) and remove the whole piece. *This piece was supposed to stop the gun from firing when the bolt was cocked and being slid forwards and down. So don't pull the trigger while you're cocking the gun. :eek: And whether or not you keep this depends on if you plan on switching the bolt back to the right side and wanting that extra safety

    Step 6: (optional)

    If you want to, you can fill this notch on the right side with some kind of hardening clay and paint over it. I personally left it so that my right-handed friends could use it. (All you have to do to make it right-handed again is unscrew the bolt handle and flip it around.)

    Now you have a left-handed rifle! Enjoy it, and get me some kills.
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    This should be a sticker mods :) thank you cqb

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    And now it's functional thank you cqb

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    Amazing, will definitely do this when I get a sniper rifle.
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    oklahoma city
    Do you have to take the spring out in the trigger box for it to function for lefty?