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    So my son saved his pennies and bought himself a new KWA KM4 SR10

    We swapped over his riser and red dot as well as his tactical flashlight. Holy poop it is now over 7 lbs (real steel equivalent ).

    I love it, but honestly he is 12 and I am suspecting it is going to be a bit heavy after a full day of playing.

    Does anyone know of a polymer free floating RIS ? I am wondering if perhaps that will lighten it up a bit for him if he cries uncle.
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  2. luciouseyebrowz

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    Give him creatine and make him do deep squats

    But polymer might not hold up as well as metal.

  3. bryanman

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    I'd wait and see how he holds up, then decide what to do.

    Also, honestly after a few games, he should have no problem with it :)
  4. theonlyBuster

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    I'm 99% sure the Magpul parts fit KWA spec, but because the gun is so long, I don't see it doing much to lighten the weight of the overall gun.
    According to the couple of websites/reviews I quickly glanced at, the SR10 is about 6.5lb out the box. A G&G GR15 (polymer-bodied gun just for contrast) is about 5 pounds. So at best, you may drop a half pound off the entire weight of the gun, but then you add the accessories and you're back over 7 pounds easy.

    Consider a sling to help put more of the weight on his shoulders and general mass, rather than simple in his arms and hands.

    That aside, my only other advice would be to maybe invest in a shorter gun.

    In regards to polymer not holding up as well as metal; it simply depends on the build. Just as there are strong metals there are strong polymers, and at the same time you can run into pot metal that makes candle wax look like steel (not literally, but you get the point). It ALL comes down to quality. I personally prefer polymer guns and most have held up better than some metal guns.

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  5. taxus812

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    Took him last night (Friday night). We had the place to ourselves for most of the night, one on one. Got to zero in the red dot and adjust the hop up. Not only is it not to heavy, he is dam good with it. He took me out quick by the end of the night.

    At first it took 5-10 shots to get me while running but at we dialed it in and he got used to it, 1 or 2 is all it took. (That was with some distance. )
    we had 10 players by the end of the night and he did very well.

    Looking forward to our first OP Nov 1.

    Thanks for the help
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  6. Angrypencils

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    Seven pounds is nothing. Light as a feather!
  7. Rushin

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    My M14 was 15 pounds.. And my F2K was 9. They got heavy really fast, I think my AK weighs around 6 now, so I understand his pain...
  8. Amish

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    You get used to the SR10's weight. One of the reasons I like the SR10 is due to the weight. Reminds of the rifles I hunted with. A good sling makes a big difference. Glad he seems to be handling it fine.
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    Heh, you are talking to a guy that uses a 20+ pound gun. PKM all day!