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    San jose
    I thought I should buy some new bucking for my jg and So I took it apart to take a look and see how hard it would be to DIY it. Well... I'm confused within 10 minutes on something very simple
    I'm not sure what order this should go in. Can anyone help me out?
    I have here my inner barrel, hop up, bucking, and a little mettle ring and I think it should be barrel with the hole on top then mettle ring on it then bucking then hop up. Is that anywhere near correct?

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  2. alex

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    first, make sure the nub is still inside the hopup (in the window). it falls out easily.
    hopup adjustment should be turned all the way off.
    next, insert the barrel into the hopup (there's an alignment rib)
    apply a small amount of silicon lube on the front half of the bucking.
    in a twisting motion, insert bucking/barrel combination into hopup. make sure the alignment groove is facing opposite of the adjusting wheel (the hopup window where the nub is)
    when inserted, look into the hopup to make sure the bucking is seating completely round and not folded over. if you need to, plunger the bucking/barrel to get it seated correctly.

    correctly seated: [​IMG]

    not correctly seated: [​IMG]

    you will see the notch on the barrel for the locking C-clip. the ring is inserted last between the hopup and barrel.

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    Edit: Alex beat me.
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    Yup that's right. But make sure you put the hopup nub in after you put everything together or else you won't have a hop up.

    Lol also why dint you just look on YouTube .
  5. Stephengrem

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    San jose
    Thanks guys I got it fixed I just need to test it.
    I looked it up on YouTube and I was still confused.