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  1. X-CamoCommando

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    Hey guys, I have this charger. a while back i realized that i charged it on LiFe and not LiPo. Sorry noob moment. anywho now my batteries dont even last 10 mags. is it because of how i charged it or because that charger isnt that good?

    the batteries were Turnigy 7.4 1200mah 20C batteries.
  2. Lefse

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    Li-Fe packs does have a significantly lower cell voltage if I'm no mistaken, so you may have overdischarged it or something. You could replace it with a basic li-po only balance charger from hobbyking. How many rounds is one mag? That battery doesn't have a high C rating and the capacity is kinda low, so it's not abnormal for it to last only 10 mags, depending on how many rounds there is in one mag. If it last significantly shorter than before, then that's a bad sign of course.

  3. Protectionperfection

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    i have a 7.4 2000mah 20c and I can get over 30 mags (120 round PMags) out of it with no problem one day and the next still get the same number without a hiccup. Your issue seems to the the total allowed charge of your batteries. 1200mah should last you a few hours and at least 10 mags as long as your not trying to burn through 10 hicaps
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    You might want to use the volt meter function of your charger to see if you discharged the batteries to below 3v per cell. If that is the case, you have probably damaged the battery
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    Get a balancer and check the voltage. If you'er under 3.5 volts per cell, then your handling a vary dangerous incendiary device.
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    More like an angry fire cracker...
  7. EagleDriver

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    Dangerous incendiary device is a much better description as it can do a lot of damage if not treated properly. Refer to this thread for pics of a burned out car from a damaged lipo that outwardly appeared ok: