Lipo in TM MP7

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  1. aryneel

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    I have a TM MP7 and it is wired to deans connectors and I have a 7.4v 900mah (25c if that makes any difference) wired to deans also. I can't seem to plug in the battery and put it in the battery space, I have been able to do it once (I put the battery in and then connected the connectors) but I wasn't able to put the front piece back on.

    I am thinking of either getting a PEQ box and feeding the wires from gun through the holes in the body and then jus connecting them, or seeing if I can somehow get the connectors outside of the gun while keeping the battery inside.

    Can you think of anything else I could do? And what do you think of the two things I am thinking about?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Thatguyoverthere1111

    Thatguyoverthere1111 New Member

    I'd say just pickup a PEQ. It'll probably be a better idea in the long run. Although it might look weird...

  3. JakeBworth

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    Another option is wiring a battery bag into a gun sling.
  4. aryneel

    aryneel New Member

    Ok can you think of any boxes that would fit on the side rail?
  5. aryneel

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    I'm not going to have a sling on my gun because it will be the only gun I use (I play cqb) and sometimes a sling gets in the way due to the awkward positions I sometimes have to get into. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Gruffinchuff

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    Nowy Targ
    get a smaller battery, you can find some 800mah 7.4v from RC car shops that will fit.