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lets see your best loadout usmc,army,navy,iraqi,russian lets see them all!!!!:D
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Well, finally got some pics together.

I'd say I'm one of 2 on the field that occassionally plays with a sweatshirt. Mostly because I don't care, but partly because in the winter, if I'm using my co2 tank, it literally freezes my back. A sweatshirt allows me to wear undergarmets my marpat jackets just won't. Plus its comfy :D

First pic my new heavy rig I always use. The rest of them my light carriers.

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hm...just a tip, straight trigger finger on your gun
I know how to hold and fire a gun... I'm a real steel fanatic.

I have issues straightening my finger from it being crushed so many times.

best not to give people who hand build guns tips, as we know em inside and out. NTM all my triggers on both real steel etc have all custom trigger groups, to my pull, what my fingers require.
didn't mean to upset ya, just throwing something out there, sorry
no, didn't upset me, I just replied sternly.

You should have asked, is there a reason your finger is bent. Most of the time guys who are super into real guns are more or less offended by an airsofter correcting them on how they hold and use a gun. In the end, everyone pulls a trigger differently. There is no correct way. The only real thing that should be done is when your walking around to keep your finger off the trigger and rest it on the gun, as a means of safety.

none the less, just watch out for the tips in that way. Word it better and it shall be fine.

btw, don't be sensitive to my replies either. I can come across as a "****" persay sometimes, and don't mean it that way. I just find talking to someone easier than typing. Well, not that I would have replied any differently in person :D
Lol, no hard feelings than. You do make a point though, I prob shouldn't be so quick to judge. Oh, and while this topic is about loadouts, does anyone know of a good place to get some digital urban camoflouge jeans? Can't find em' anywhere.
Reason why is it would only be imitation if that. Digital is only used by the US military, and they don't use urban pants. Unless you find some chinese / taiwanese version thats a made up design, it won't exist.

Just go get some bdu's. They will do you just fine. I have a set of black/white arctics, blue/black, red/black, etc. True city urban is black or dark navy with no colors. The environment just doesn't benefit from digital and would most likely make them stand out even more as the color range is diff than say a desert or jungle situation.

Well unless you mean these...
but are marpats. Which I think you were meaning by digital camo.

get them online.

Damn don't know why I hacked my post when I posted the quote. O well. Got it back like it was.

""The new U.S. Marine MARPAT (Marine Pattern camouflage) Forest, Desert and Urban. The Marines have not yet officially produced the Urban pattern in a full production run. uniforms with the urban grays are likely unauthorized replicas of the trial uniform.""

to add... here is a page with a whole slew of camo types

Click sopat and scroll down.

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lol I'm not gonna lie you like a huge spazz (no offence)

You have the same goggles as me :D

Is Ord pretty strict about being in camo for games?
Yes, you have to follow the teams theme for the games. Some games have civilian with blue jeans etc.

As for sweatshirts... best not to wear them. I'm one of a couple exceptions. But yea, look out for the civil games etc.

Also, the goggles are horrid. They fog like no other, even with using anti fog wipes. No longer play with them. Now I use my wiley x's. Much better. They feel like sunglasses but lighter. Have an eye seal also. All goggles must be ansi rated and full seal. No fake goggles, no safety glasses etc. Myself and others walk around and send people off the field for not complying. 1 warning is our rule, then they done for the day most of the time. Not specifically saying this to you, just more or less pointing it out, so if you ever come and bring buddies, make sure they are equipped.
hmmm, thanks for the tip. All my buddies use paintball masks. Can you use those wire mesh goggles? There is no way you can get even a peice of a BB through them but feilds still dont allow them for some reason.

Even while in the swamps, I havn't had any fogging problems as long as I keep a bandana on that sits over my eye brows catch the sweat... But there only, what? $15?
The mesh ones are allowed but IMO its a more or less dumb choice. It is possible for shards to go through, especially if someone is breaking the field rules and using biovals etc. The mesh ones have no safety rating, and absolutely no gov mandated inspection. For all you know, they could be horribly inconsistent and prone to failure at any given shot. Again, its all about how far your willing to go just for the air and no fog. Personally, having some serious retina issues in my younger years I don't take eye safety lightly for myself, but hey, if someone else is willing to risk em, so be it.
Oh kool thanks! Those will do perfectly. I was going to use them for airsoft but I'm also working on like a family film/youtube film project and needed them. Thanks again.
Awsome! Let me know if you need any music sources. Remember to use royalty free music, or creative commons licensed for film music to stay safe. Got a few sites you can look at for tunes for your project.

And g36, not a bad rig at all. If you ever do come to ord and need stuff let me know. I have extra bdu's, extra shirts, multiple chest rigs, a few extra pistol holsters etc. Its normal for buddies to use my stuff :D haha. Notice in the pic with me in the grey sweatshirt, my buddy wearing that green hoodie walking off the field in the background is wearing my bdu's etc. This was the day before he moved back to the m/w so we just threw a sweatshirt on him and let him roll :D He absolutely loved it. Was up there with skydiving in his mind (hard for me to even think of comparing, but he had that much fun, and a rush.
Thanks, its a matrix vest off of Evike. For $80 (now $70) it is suprissingly durrable and light weight. I know its probably not the best, but it holds its own and I cant afford anything of "brand name" as a kid. What sucks is that the front pockets are built in, so I cant move things around. But I cant think of what else I would want to put up front besides mag holders, admin pouch and utility pouch.(all of wich is built in) maybe a pistol mag pouch if I ever get any extras. There is still room on one side for pistol holster for when I can afford to get one and ditch my hammy-down drop leg holster that sucks lol. I should be set on gear after christmas ;-)

I'm not quite old enough to got to Fort Ord, but thanks for the offer as it is hard for me to keep my guns at tip top preformance, and buy BDUs all the time. What are the main camo themes? Witch patterns should I have before I start going full time?
desert, woodland, civil are the main. Don't matter bdu, marpat, acu, whatever.

And yea, no worries on the vest. My light plate carrier was 25$'s :D but my heavy one has a 3-400 in it so far. Ouch. Want to get a real crye if I can find one. Gott bug my marine buddies.
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