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lets see your best loadout usmc,army,navy,iraqi,russian lets see them all!!!!:D
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hm...just a tip, straight trigger finger on your gun
didn't mean to upset ya, just throwing something out there, sorry
Lol, no hard feelings than. You do make a point though, I prob shouldn't be so quick to judge. Oh, and while this topic is about loadouts, does anyone know of a good place to get some digital urban camoflouge jeans? Can't find em' anywhere.
Oh kool thanks! Those will do perfectly. I was going to use them for airsoft but I'm also working on like a family film/youtube film project and needed them. Thanks again.
Awsome! Let me know if you need any music sources. Remember to use royalty free music, or creative commons licensed for film music to stay safe. Got a few sites you can look at for tunes for your project. - Echihn

Kool man, ya I got like the first scene down so if you have any good music sites I'd like to look at em'. Especially when it comes to youtube, they have this new WMG Copyright thing and if they don't like the music you used for your video, they delete it!!!! (You have no idea how many videos I've lost to those guys)
We should have a video section!...oh wait, nvm.
1 - 6 of 73 Posts
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