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    Hey guys, so I did a slight bit of inventory the other day and found I have way too much random internal stuff sitting around, in fact I have enough to make an entire V2 gearbox. So, I decided, why not just build a gear box from the ground up. Since this gb is absolutely nonessential to me, I have no issues if I screw up. Through doing this, I hope to gain the confidence to crack open my SR25 gear box and make that beast a little more my style.

    For the V2:

    Trigger response is number one, I play semi only so I don't need 50rps, just smooth crisp trigger response
    I want it to be a rather quiet build so I will be getting a lot of practice shimming.
    Range and accuracy while staying within fps limits

    Plans: bear with me, I'm uneducated
    13:1 gear set not sure which
    High speed motor
    Nukefet or other trigger mosfet
    Compression mods to help with range
    Lower spring power, I figure since I'm going to have higher compression and thus more air behind the bb, I would want to bring down the spring power to keep the fps field legal. (400)
    AOE adjustment
    Shim job
    Tight bore
    R hop
    Prowin hop up

    For the SR25:
    Looking for just about the same thing, maybe a little bit less of a speed build.

    Haven't gotten there yet. Stay tuned
  2. ma_airsoft

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    Im not master tech but I think a high torque is better than a high speed

  3. TheLockenator

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    As far as I know it depends on what you want. High torque may be what I need, however since there's a light load on the gear set I figured high speed would work, but then again, I have no clue. I was just theorizing
  4. Dannyboyextreme

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    High speed motors are pointless and drain your battery faster. Go with high torque
  5. Magpulman

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    Go high torque. Better trigger response, more efficient.

    For the fet, get a Zardfet, much better than a nukefet.

    For a tightbore, don't go below 6.03. Or just polish a stock brass one which works well.
  6. Lefse

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    High speed motors aren't really pointless, they're just a pain to work with, as they tend to pull a bazillion amps when you put a significant load on them. It's more efficient and more reliably to use a higher TPA motor with a lower gear ratio and a higher voltage battery for higher ROF and/or better trigger response.

    You seem to have done some research and thinking here, so I'll give you a few tips. An SHS/DA, ZCI or Guarder high torque motor, or a JG Blue if you can find one should suit your needs very well. As for gears ZCI and SHS are pretty much the only viable low budget options that won't turn into crumbs. As for the spring, I like to use an overpowered spring and short stroke to get practically the same effect as active breaking, without using an AB mosfet. It'll give a crisper trigger response in general, especially in semi. You may not have to do this with the Guarder ITU or the ZCI high torque, as they will yield less overspin by themselves.

    It looks like you're off to a good start, keep going and I'm sure you'll be building DSG's, and DMR's in no time.
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    Just to point it out, Charlie has stopped making his 'FETs.

  8. Rushin

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    He's still making them, just not the NOVA or 3034 fets anymore.