long ranged assult rifle

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    in between chicago and milwakee
    okay, the thing is at first i thought i wanted a dmr, and i had convincd myself that was the way to go, but now i have been thinking al i need is basicly an assult rifle that just a little extra range to it.
    the gun has to be around 320-350$
    has to be reilable
    come from a high end brand(no upgraded jg)
    accurate to 200-250ft(give or take 20ft)
    has to be aeg
    i would like the fps to be around 390 (field limit is 400)

    thanks for your info, please only suggest a gun if you have used it first hand, i may have additional questions
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    Since you said no JG, just buy another brand you're interested in and put a TBB and an upgraded hop-up in it. After that, you should be good to go...

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    I would help but I can't really read it. Can you edit it with proper grammar and punctuation?

    Edit: Alrighty, now that you edited it, I can actually read it, lol.

    I would go with either a G&P, VFC, or ICS. Personally I own an ICS and one of my good friends own a VFC. I don't really know anything about G&P but everyone seems to recommend them on here so I just hop on the bandwagon, lol.

    I'll start with ICS. ICS guns are great guns stock and can be easily upgraded due to their split gearbox. Like I said earlier, I own two ICSs. I have had one of my ICSs for over a year stock and one of them 4-6 months stock. So I guess it's easy to say that yes, they are very easy to upgrade, but can last a long time stock. Plus they have a great fire rate and externals are great.

    Next to VFC. They make great guns especially their HKs and SCARS. My friend owns the SCAR and it has an amazing RoF. The FPS is a little over your fields limit though. The externals are good on VFCs too.

    So really, it all comes down to whether you want to downgrade the spring on the VFC or not.
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