Looking for a Field in NorthWest Iowa

Discussion in 'Iowa Airsoft Forum' started by Vyp3r_Airsoft, May 9, 2016.

  1. Vyp3r_Airsoft

    Vyp3r_Airsoft New Member

    Me and my 7ish person team is looking for a field and others the play on and against Near NorthWest Iowa(Spirt Lake Area)??????
  2. Shay

    Shay New Member

    I am also looking for a feild or at least someone to play with. I was wondering if you do any events and if you were maybe want more players. If so me and a friend or two are from Remsen and would make the drive up. Otherwise I a guy told me there is an unofficial field by Akron where he said about 10 play. I don't Kno w too much about that field other than that.