Looking for A field in the south-eastern area of PA

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Airsoft Forum' started by D0ug1118, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. D0ug1118

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    Spring ciry
    Me and my friends are looking for a place to play airsoft and do not wish to go to any of the major fields in our vicinity (they are pricy and at least an hour away), we're looking for anyone who has an area to play, if you interested in joining us once we have found a place, please wait until we have a Field.
    Contact me from my email "[email protected]"
    or via my skype "d0ug1118 - Douglas Peterson"
  2. luciouseyebrowz

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    There's Poco Loco, which is cheap and is kinda meh, LVP which I heard is good, and skirmish which is pretty good.