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  1. What I want is:
    -A short, compact M4
    -Telescopic stock, standard to the M4 (not the one with cheek rests)
    -Front site that IS NOT the standard triangular one (looks almost like the MP5's front sight, and can be flipped up or down)
    -Flip up rear site (optional, I could buy one)
    -Free floating front RIS (with air cooling feature)
    -Removable carrying handle
    -Standard M4 flash hider
    -Barrel that is short after it comes out of the RIS (in other words, only comes out say 2-4 inches after the RIS system)
    -Functional charging handle and thing that you use to slam the bolt all the way forward on the real M416
    -Good FPS of course
    -Accuracy doesn't matter, I could throw a new barrel in anyway
    -Battery doesn't go in a mock laser sight that has to go on the RIS, preferably inside front grip or gun itself (optional)
    -EBB if possible, this is not necessary just preferable
    -Three round burst mode if possible? I doubt anyone will come up with this but if you know of an M4 with this descrip. and three round burst mode I'd buy it.
    -I'll pay a maximum 375$ for the gun you find (or have to sell) considering of course it will last long.
    -It can be broken down easily to access barrel and such (optional, I just want to be able to clean the barrel)

    This sounds rather specific and demanding, but I've looked everywhere and I can't find an M4 like this for some reason. If you can find an M4 with all of this stuff including/minus the optional stuff listed, cool, if no such gun exists and I'd have to buy a gun and put this stuff on let me know. Thanks for your time as I've already looked and can't find one with this stuff (even after I stopped taking into account the optional stuff.) Maybe you'll have better luck.
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  2. hairyman

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    Bar the three round burst and carry handle it seems that the 2010 JG M4 S System seems to meet your criteria.

    Airsoft Megastore - Exclusive 2010 JG FULL METAL M4 S-System RIS AEG

    Dont mind their $175 saving,,$250 is ballpark for these things.

    Of course a carry handle can be added,,another option would be a 416,,but sadly when it comes to batteries on the crane stock version its PEQ box only,,you could always use a ready mag battery system,

    Evike.com - Airsoft Gun Magazines | Evike.com - Magazine Accessories | Evike.com - M4/M16 SERIES READY MAG SYSTEM |

    Outside of customisation i think you may struggle to find all these features on a AR replica

  3. hairyman

    hairyman New Member Supporting Member

    Sparky D is selling a Dboys M4 SIR,,,good price for a good tidy replica.
  4. Divided Volta

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    Off the top of my head, I know the E1 Barrett Rec 7 has a free float rail system, standard length M4 barrel, and flip up sites. What "look" the sites have, I do not know.

    I also know that the gun has a full stock, which is not what you requested, but that is easily changed. Best way to get 3 round burst is by installing a Mosfet. I have limited internet right now, but they can be had for $30-$80, and I know somewhere in that range you can get a 3-Round Burst 'fet.

    Having toyed with the Rec 7, the thing is rock solid and great feeling. Real Barrett trades, and has most of what you want.

    If you want a telescopic stock take a good look at the new Magpul releases. My only drawback with this gun is that you'd have to wire it to the front, but oh well. These are my thoughts.
  5. Thanks Hairy. I'd buy Sparky-D's but I have only 62$ in the bank and 7$ in my wallet at the moment...not good. I like the JG M4, but only one question: does the mock laser sight that carries the battery have wires sticking out of it when you put the battery in and plug it into the gun? My uncle has a KWA (or some other company) M4 and his has the mock laser sight mod and the wires stick out and look dumb when it's plugged in to the gun. Other than that this is exactly what I want. Small and compact, great FPS, tight-bore barrel, the MOSFET chip adds to the great performance, full metal christ...thanks mate.
  6. Divided Volta

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    That's the fault of the PEQ box, not the gun.
  7. True...true. Just wondering if they made any improvements.
  8. willbarber

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    I doubt you'll find anything stock with all those features, I'd suggest finding a solid stock replica with as many as you can, and upgrading.

    I think a G&G Blowback or ASGI Custom would come the closest. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the G&G guns have a 6.04 barrel stock? And I could've sworn I'd seen them with flip sights.

    And why would you need the carry handle with flip sights? Besides for carrying, it's only used for the rear sight, and without the front triangle sight that's useless.

    This has most of what you want, I'd say.
  9. Removable, my bad. Didn't want it but if it's there I'd like to be able to take it off, sorry for confusion. Without the front triangle, you usually get a front site that can flip down to accommodate scope, which I like better. Flip-up front and back sights equal better looks (to me) and I prefer them. As for your link it's much appreciated but I'm leaning towards the JG now :) It's pretty much what I want. Thanks to everyone for help, CASE EFFIN' CLOSED!
  10. Divided Volta

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    One thing:
    I'm fairly sure the Combat Machines and plastica's do not come stock with the 6.04 tightbore. I have an email somewhere confirming this...
    EDIT: Email deleted. Too old I suppose.
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  11. hairyman

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    You are correct Mr Volta,,they come stock with a 6.08mm,,but i have heard rumours that certain models come with 6.04mm inners.

    However my GR15 raider seems to have a 6.08mm inner,so that's the figure id go with.
  12. Tacticalairninja

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    Combat machine m4 or G&G M4, they both rock
  13. Okay I'll look at both the CM and G&G M4 to see if they are more what I'm looking for.