Looking for a good Multicam MICH2001 helmet cover

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    For the life of me, I can't find any good MICH 2001 (maritime) helmet covers. I've looked for the FirstSpear, and looked at many shops online including OPTactical, SKD, and the FirstSpear store. It seems like I can only find covers for the OPSCore FAST and Crye AirFrame helmet.

    I'm looking for the following features:
    - Multicam (including velcro and/or mesh)
    - Velcro for patches and/or ballasts
    - Fits a medium MICH2001 with ARC rails and NVG mount
    - Preferably with loops or bungies for cable routing
    - Legit and not a repro/clone

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm still researching whether or not a cover for an OPSCore FAST will also fit a MICH 2001.
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    I found a few on eBay. This one is a repro of Crye, and I know you said no repro's, but its fine.


    This isn't a repro, but it looks worse than the repro.


    And this is a legit Crye one, super rare, super expensive, and used by Rangers for a little while.


    You have to cut all of these by yourself, for a VAS shroud, and ARC Rails. You cut a small slit, and fold it back inside and sow it, so it doesn't fray. None of these are for Mich 2001's because you have to custom make them, since 2001's aren't very common.