Looking for a new cqb

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by xknucksx, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. xknucksx

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    So i got back into airsoft after a few year hiatus, i picked up an elite force cqb used with some accessories to see if i still had the fire to play needless to say i do and then some. I have no issue with the EF cqb just want more of an upgrade and a shorter length weapon.

    Have a budget of around $350 leaning towards the Krytac pdw, or the new G&G GC series. But advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. KScollector

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    If you like gas guns, the kwa mp7 is awesome and 3-4 mags is enough ammo for most games. After mag cost though, its a bit over your budget. I also enjoy the glock roni kits. The gun and kit will run you about $200 shipped, leaving enough to buy a longer inner barrel, a threaded outer barrel, and an m4 barrel extention and a few extended mags. For mine, I have 2 extended mags and 5 regular mags, but I've never needed more than the long mags and one short one. If you want to stick with electric guns, the mp5 is always a good option I had good luck with a coma mp5 that I had. Or the ak74u. Just a few ideas for you.

  3. Rushin

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    Are you looking for anything specific? AKs? M4 stubbies? Designated SMGs? Help us out a bit.