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  1. Jontribs

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    My g&g Firehawk is showing age so it needs a replacement here is what I'm looking for:
    Not looking to spend over 350 usd
    under 7 inch barrel or under
    Mosfet (c'mon it's 2020)
    M4 (I got like 5 mags for it)
    Lasts more than 2 years with some maintenance
    14 - threads
    Not a lancer ( inconsistent qc reasons)
    Shoots under 350 out of the box
    Optional stuff:
    M lok or keymod
    Qcs system
    Buffer tube stock
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  2. danerd

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    What is wrong with simply revamping your current firehawk? Just because it's 'old' doesnt mean its no longer useful. The majority of the items you listed can be added to your existing platform with little issues.

  3. Jontribs

    Jontribs New Member

    No good way I found to get a ets in there, plus I'm looking to move on
  4. Jontribs

    Jontribs New Member

    It's caused alot of problems, and I hate how it locks up, so I want a new gun. With a mosfet. Thankfully I'ma get a classic army vcw really soon
  5. Guges Mk3

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    CA...is not a good brand...mediocre at best.

    I hope your unit is a good one...
  6. OrangeTJ

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    KWA Ronin T6? I have the original Ronin 6 and it has been flawless for me.
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  7. aotsukisho

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    You may be disappointed to find out that having a MOSFET may not prevent lockups caused by semi-auto fire and/or a weak battery. The feature you are looking for in a MOSFET/ETU is cycle detection, which only a few support, ironically enough one of them being G&G with their G2 gearbox. One that fits all of your requirements is the G&G ARP556, as finicky as the G&G MOSFETs have been known to be Perun makes a drop-in replacement unit that does not require gearbox disassembly to swap out. I've personally owned two ARP9s both gen1 and gen2 MOSFET and they are both still going.

    I will heavily advise against Classic Army as well, one of the only brand new replicas I've bought was a CA from ASGI and every aspect of that transaction was a negative one, and in our local group we have had 3 out of 5 CA guns arrive DOA brand new. My AR-10 factory direct came with no warranty and would not hold mags or feed bbs right out of the box, and the replacement parts they provided in lieu of no warranty were the wrong type for the gun (v2.5 gearbox). Two CA M4 variants arrived with electrical problems, both of which refuses to shoot despite multiple reconnecting of all electrical terminals and even swapping out the MOSFET unit with a known working one.
  8. Guges Mk3

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    I will reiterate. CA has NEVER been a good brand.

    Sadly many people have the mentality of what I own is Bestest.

    Back in 2001-2003 CA MP5 Spur gears ate themselves more often than not. One guy was responding to the CA question on how durable they were and he said he had never had a problem with his and he has shot over 68K round through it and was still running strong.

    However, his "reliable" MP5 was in my basement at the time waiting for a new spur gear and it crapped out at ~13K rounds...

    Just admit it...you bought junk, don't delude others into a bad product.

    And who wants me to dig up the thread from last year on how they were getting screwed by one of the owners at CA - Yan...
  9. OPairoft

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    Is it true that airsoft gi bought them out?

    I would probably still take CA over a&k for their m249’s. That is assuming they can make a gearbox shell which is casted correctly, which they might somehow screw even that up.
  10. Guges Mk3

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    ASGI did indeed buy them out but the Yips were on retainer to help run the company in transition and now ASGI is in Bankruptcy...

    I would never take a CA product over an A&K. The A&K unit is far more consistently made over the CA. And you just said it yourself...providing they make the shell correctly. Why would you go for something knowing it may be made wrong?

    If the Yips can get away with taking your money for an inferior product, they will and they will blame you for it.

    Another example.

    ~2016 SCAR-L sold by Cybergun. BB's were not feeding correctly.

    After some examination, mags had these half circle marks on them when we did mag slaps to get them to fit.

    On dissection of the AEG the loading port was cutting into the mag release port due to the hop-up unit being less than center in the outer barrel.

    Removal of outer barrel showed that the slot the that hop-up slides in to was off to the left by about 3 degrees.

    We bring this up to CA and Yan blames us for breaking the outer barrel when we removed the inner barrel.

    You can't break a bad bore job and machining by removing the inner barrel you ditz!
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  11. Chairsofter3D

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    Something I had to do with my Classic Army i'm working on right now was shave down the stupid extra material they put in the gearbox cause for some reason their gear was abnormally small. I spent about 3 afternoons of shaving and test fitting just to be able to get the SHS 12/1's spur inside without it making contact with that extra material.

    The best part? I bought this CA used with no handguard from the local shop for $60 USD I ran it as is for 2 years every game cause it would crono pass every field and well it was the only one setup for field play that would. So the motor started to hate life so I opted to rebuild it with my best parts. I ended up only being able to use like 40% of my good stuff cause of fitment issues. I can't even use my last SHS piston inside cause the track the piston runs on is too wide for it to sit properly. I had to drill out the spring guide holding slots to fit a ZCI bearing one inside and ive tried 3 different brands of tappet plate and for some reason none of them want to fit well, except the factory one. Which looks like its probably on deaths door. That's all just the most frustrating parts.

    I have a few more guns that need CA gearboxes for fitment. ( Plus I haven't anything else in stock that fits without modification of a certain two holes. ) Needless to say, i'm not looking forward to it.

    Hope your CA doesn't break too fast.
  12. pewpewpoopoo

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    My remaining CA is a wall hanger, also vote for revamping the Firehawk
  13. Jontribs

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    bump, i got the aster and a new piston in the firehawk and its amazing. after a lot of thinking, the firehawk was the right choice.
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