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Looking for a team in las vegas

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I just moved to las vegas and need to find a team. anyone???
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New team out of Boulder City but members from everywhere are welcome! Crimson Dreadnoughts No uniform requirements Check out our Facebook page @BC Airsoft Team Then message me you're from AirsoftSociety If you have any questions message me on here or on Facebook.
Come to the Pro Gun Club on Sunday. if you check out for the Las Vegas forums, they'll tell you timings for this weekends' games.

i'll be the only Brit there so come say hi
My friend and I have created a team call Desert Recon Force and are looking for members so far we have three. We are having a practice/meet up on 1-4-14 from 1:00-4:00 we are still trying to find a good location like a desert or really big dirt lot to use as a temporary location because we don't really want to have to pay to go to an actual gelid but we will post more info soon
i'd seriously recommend going to a proper organised club or field rather than just going out into the middle of nowhere and risk it.

ACE is only $10 and that comes with the safety and organisation a proper field/club has. i think there is also a place called LVPP on Saturdays as well. it's not alot of money and will also help you meet others in the LV airsoft scene.

but thats just my opinion. i'm sure some of the other more experienced OPs would back me up on this.
ACE has a good variety of experienced players, mid level players, and complete noobs such as myself. For $10, its well worth it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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