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Discussion in 'New Jersey Airsoft Forum' started by nugrun, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. nugrun

    nugrun New Member

    Hello everyone im 25 just moved out here to the east coast im located in berg en county i would like to try to find a team the goes to milsims/events.
  2. omegaic

    omegaic Member Supporting Member

    Hey man, I can't claim to be on a "team" so much as I go out and play with some buddies. We go to Cobra One, it's about an hour west of you off 80. They are having a game this Sunday, if you are interested in going send me a PM. Perhaps we can meet up there and run together. Info follows:

  3. ThatOneRandomNoob

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    Tomsriver Nj
    Hey man , not a team but looking to start a group , eventually a team , looking for players local or willing to travel or even to travel to depending on local area , how close to ocean county are you