Looking for accessory advice for ICS M4 CXP 144

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by Rarenomad, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Hi all, new airsofter here, i just bought the new ICS M4 CQB CXP 144 and wanted to lean on your wisdom for good accessories i could get for it. I will be playing in an indoor arena..so CQB in mind.

    Im interested in a flashlight that i can press a button and it flashes on

    I saw a video on airsoftmegastore regarding a tightbore barrel, would this help shooting straight or will this gun be fine stock?

    Optics, what do you recommend?

    Im not looking to spend too much (like 50-100$) tbh but if there is a clear "best bang for your buck " then im all ears.

    My son just got a CYMA m4 with RIS and any accessory advice would also be appreciated
  2. Zaryk

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    I would recommend running the stock barrel for a while, if it seems insufficient after a few matches then consider a new inner barrel. As for accessories that is more of a personal thing, what I like on my gun you may hate. I personally do not run scopes or iron sights on my airsoft guns and I know a whole lot of people that would never even consider that.

  3. Tactical_Skittles

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    A new bucking and switching to heavier BBs will help accuracy more than a barrel swap.

    For flashlights, what you are looking for is known as a pressure switch. I run an UltraFire light, they are cheap (~$20 with pressure switch) but bright enough to get the job done.

    I would definitely recommend picking up a quality sling. One or two point, your choice, I switched over to using a two point not too long ago and would never go back to a one point. There are some convertible slings like the Magpul MS4 that you can change from single to two point.

    As for everything else...play some more and you will see what attachments you need and don't need.