Looking for active players in the RI area

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  1. FR4918

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    Hey guys, Im Peter.

    I'm 22 and just got out of the Army a few months ago. Ive been having trouble getting games together with old buddies. It can only be expected that guys get out and move on, or their guns have sat dormant and don't work.

    I'm kind of the guy who gets the games to happen. If I'm not up calling people and hounding them and finding places and stuff...they'd never play.

    I have a buddy who is about as hardcore as myself. We had a few games during snowstorms over the winter and used to be part of the Coalition Corps back in the 2007-2010 timeframe. Aside from being known as weird, the CC always did games in bad weather or early morning/ late afternoon. I miss that element to games.

    I'm not hardcore MILSIM, but I enjoy my GBBR's. When its too cold for them, I'm short-loading my midcaps to real steel capacity. Im not demanding the same from you, but I like guys of the same simulation mindset. All are welcome however.

    We have a field up in Hope that kicks some serious butt. Nice wooded hilly terrain. Deer paths and a pond in the middle of it all. Lots of room to spread out and sneak around.

    Trying to get more serious games together with a better headcount, so I'm spreading the word on a few forums.

    If you're interested in good old woods games with no referees, time limits and entrance fees- just the good old honor system and mud on your boots, give me a call or text at 401 439 2378
  2. Thefroganator

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    Around what area of Rhode Island are we talking about

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  3. benc123

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    I'm younger, but I'm probably getting my first gun.
  4. ShaneDiMaria

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    Yo I'm like fourteen and I like airsoft but what pisses me off is that people frown upon airsoft in Rhode Island compared to other areas and I think RI needs less wanna be cool people and more out doors people like me and my friend I think all Rhode Island needs is a good public airsoft field and I support you bro
  5. FlyFishingRI

    FlyFishingRI New Member

    I know this post is old, but that field sounds like you may be playing in my back yard......... I am in Hope. I wish you guys still played there, I would join you!
  6. NKempf

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    We really need to get this thread going. Where are the rhode island airsofters?!
  7. Zachg97

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    North Attleboro
    Im based in attleboro mass which is right on the boarder of RI. We are looking for people to get together and play during the summer.