looking for an out door field/milsim game

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    North Andover
    Hey guys im looking for a good outdoor field. I live in north east coast of mass so the most im looking to travel is like 1-2 hours and it would be nice if it doesn't break the bank. If you guys know any good locations please let me know my team and I have been playing out of our friends backyard for over three years now and its starting to get boring. Also I know Mass is low priority on most companies milsim games but does anyone know of a milsim or milsim like game where its an all day event where we can go and operate as a squad that would be amazing. Thanks for your help!

    Also if you guys could check us out we are trying to revive our youtube channel if you could check us out here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf2NT0aZDslN3biIKWbeEnw
    tell us what you think we should have some gameplay videos coming very soon.
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    UBG, Ultimate Battlegrounds Games, in Bourne is a great field. They host multiple large milsim events each year. I cant remember last years numbers, but i want to say it was upwards of 400