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Looking for fellow airsofters in Fargo, ND

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Me and my cousin are currently looking for other people in or around the Fargo/Moorhead area in North Dakota to set up games with. We want to get a game set up sometime this summer and hoping we can find others with the same interests.
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I'm new to airsoft so I'll join and I live in Fargo North Dakota
When and where do you play airsoft

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Hey, my husband and I moved up here last year from Ohio, we live in Fargo too. Everyone else seems to be a bit too far, we don't want to travel more than a couple hours. I see this was last year, so I'm wondering if you've grouped up with others or have any info. If so, please reply back ASAP, we appreciate it! :)
And I really want to join the airsoft community and when is it
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