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Looking for help with a CAG/Delta/Whatever-you-prefer to-call-them

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Hello there!

I have trotting about the internet now, looking for what kind of gear is issued to CAG but can't seem to find anything specific, so I came here for help.
I am looking to make an impression kit of current CAG.

I am looking specifically for the PC, kosher pouches, helmets and accessories, backpacks, holsters and such you know of.
I don't care if it's Crye or such, I just need a name, so if needed, I can find repros where needed.

Thanks in advance, everyone! :)


Now, let me specify a bit more, considering this might seem like a bit wide of a topic:
I am planning on running a JPC, as I have understood it is kosher.
Combat shirt and pants by Crye in multicam.
I have my modded M4, but am planning on getting a 417 soon enough.
I don't have a specific budget, but let's set it to say around 800$.
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Off the top of my head...

1st line
-LBT riggers belt
-Safariland & Glock 17
-ATS dump pouch (there are a ton of brands used tho)
-retention lanyard could be used if you wanted...

2nd line
-JPC (not the most common, seen enough tho)
-JPC MBITR pouches
-Really any high end pouches are used (TYR, BFG, Tactical Tailor, etc.)
-Regular, maybe jumbo, Multicam IR flag patch
-Peltor PTT
-PRC 148?

3rd line
-Yote (MC) or MAP (RG)

-maritime helmet
-Comtac ii's or iii's w/ rail adapters
-l4 g24
-S&S v-lite
-VAS shroud

-Gen 3 or AC shirt
-AC pants
-Mechanix originals or oakleys?
-Merrel Moabs

Don't really want to go into gun stuff just because there is a lot more freedom in that department to fit it to your needs. The 417 isn't too widely used though, but it has been seen.

You do have a lot of freedom in CAG, as with all SF due to the amount of freedom that they have in their gear and weapons. That said, I would stick with the most commonly seen items just to really give a CAG look.

Haven't really looked into CAG in a while, so sorry if I'm off. But I would suggest doing a looooooot more research, normally people aren't as willing to give out information if you don't do the work yourself.
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FAST Maritime or Airframe with the usual accessories.

Crye Multicam Mesh Cover (or ops core version if maritime)
Blast Gauge
Helstar Strobe

I think theyre running quad tubes now, not sure if they use GPNVG-18s or AN/AVS-10s. Potentially both.

Crye JPC is good to go with 330D pouches, Cryedro, etc.

417 isn't really legit, if you want a 762 rifle you're better off with an SR-25k, otherwise they mainly run 416s with Geissele rails. Both 10.5" and 14.5" versions.
Is the helmet cover common? I don't remember seeing it a ton and when I did it was usually on an airframe... I could be wrong tho.
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