Looking for players in/near Bristol.

Discussion in 'Connecticut Airsoft Forum' started by Tedinator, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. Tedinator

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    Hey, I'm Ted, I'm 19 and I'm looking for some more casual/committed players to join in on some airsoft games that me and my friend tend to host. We don't have an age restriction so long as you abide by the same rules that we do and don't cheat. I also have a page on FB that would help me get some more coordinated games going. The FB page is here:


    As stated in the Title, we're in Bristol, and we tend to play in that area. I have a vehicle, so I can be a method of transportation for a few people.

    We don't use an FPS limit, so all AIRSOFT guns tend to be fair game. Orange tips are needed, due to state law. If getting hit by an Airsoft gun will bother you, then don't play. SAFETY GLASSES/MASKS ARE A MUST!

    Thanks, just like the FB page and post on this page/message me so that we can try to get these games going, thanks.
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    Can I join if I have just safety glasses? Just wondering. Im 13 years old