Looking for TD ARC magazines in DE (non hi-cap)

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by aotsukisho, Dec 23, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get Tangodown ARC magazines and wanted to see if anyone had any they wanted to get rid of, no hi-cap versions please

    King Arms 130rd AEG Midcap in DE (KA-MAG-37-DE, also a five-pack KA-MAG-37-V-DE)
    These seem to have the Tangodown stamp on them, unlike the CYMA waffle ARC-style mags.


    Andax Works WE GBB shell (AND-ARC-MAG-SCAR, also a six-pack AND-ARC-MAG-SCAR-BOX)
    Another, seemingly harder to find option. I do not necessarily need the guts, just the shell is fine.

    If there are any other brands that have the Tangodown marking on them that I am not aware of, those are fair game too as long as there's no winding wheel and they are some form of DE/sand/tan coloration. Thanks guys