Looking For Upgraded Sniper w/ Reasonable Price.

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by champo20, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. champo20

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    Looking for A&K Svd with upgrades, or one that comes with mount and scope, or im also looking for upgraded JG-Bar10.

    And if you know which one is better? :)
  2. BlueReaper46

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    I do not think this belongs here, unless you're asking for one from a retailer? Both are good, and have good upgrading platforms. Better in airsoft, in my honest opinion, comes down to preference and willingness to upgrade.

    Personally I would get the SVD, but thats only because it doesnt look like a hunting rifle. I also know that it has some good upgrades that I could get for it, but so does the BAR-10.


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  4. theonlyBuster

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    Most sniper rifles don't come upgraded. The ones that are "upgraded" aren't really upgraded. More or less a heavy spring is installed and a slightly tighter barrel, which doesn't do much for longevity and reliability.
    You'll either have to buy a second-hand pre-upgraded rifle OR buy a stock rifle and upgrade on your own time.
  5. Username94

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    This. Search the forums or craigslist for a pre upgraded sniper rifle. Other than that you can build your own.
  6. Finalencounter

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    Or check out my classified, Im selling an upgraded Bar-10.
  7. Shadowex3

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    The SVD has far less of it's unique parts available and the scopes are far more expensive but I think it can be converted to use AEG parts in places. The Bar-10 is a TM VSR-10 clone and has a plethora of parts available but WILL need a new 90 degree trigger mech if you don't want to keep replacing sears constantly. Either way you need some costly upgrades to make a sniper outperform and outrange an AEG.

    If you aren't particularly attracted to either your best bet is probably a used VSR-10 that someone's put (real) upgrades into. You'll still need the 90 degree trigger mech if it doesn't come with one but it's probably still cheaper than doing it yourself.
  8. SWAT-Reaper-087

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    Well, if you are looking for a good rifle, you should have a peek at the rifles at www.airsoftmegastore.com , they have a huge seletion on sniper rifles down to tape for boots lol, hop yourself in and look, thats where i get my weapons and gear from and never served me wrong yet, i have a Kar-98K boltaction shell-fed all metal/wood rifle from them and hell of a kicker also, all the guns i have are from them, m4, g36c, m249 saw, mp-5k, sk-74u, two M1014s, two Taurus PT-99 semi/full automatic pistols, i have a swat vest from then, two shoulder holsters, one dropleg, one shotgun scabbert, ruckbag and in a few days i will be getting another swat vest, a tactical cross draw vest, and a heavy support plate carrier vest also black BDU pants and shirt for my team, we run all black no matter what, S.W.A.T. Soldiers, Winning, All, Tournaments but we had to stop playing because i just got finished on the 17th having back surgery, i will be back into the game by the end of next month i hope, i miss being behind the trigger and having fun. If anyone lives in the virginia easternshore area contact me, im looking for more players and testing to team members. right now it is me, my cousin and his GF as well another of my cousins we are trying to get to 8 people for tournaments for next year, we play for to have fun and make friends, so if your the type to like running off at the mouth because you suck or you have crappy guns dont bother contacting me, either buck up or shut up, thats what my dad told me sense i was a child. if anyone plays the PS3 add me or message me Ghillie_Of_Mist or add me to skype S.W.A.T-Reaper-087 :cool:
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    Are you wanting to upgrade it yourself, or have it be upgraded out of the box?
  10. kevinfer

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    Are you wanting an upgraded sniper or you want to upgrade your owned sniper?