Looking to start new event... Anyone interested?

Discussion in 'New York Airsoft Forum' started by MikeyBugs95, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. MikeyBugs95

    MikeyBugs95 Member

    New York
    Hey. Im looking to start a new event in a wooded area behind a park.

    Its all field/woodland in the area and looks like a pretty good spot for airsoft. But to do this Id have to get certain permissions from Nassau County Department of Public Works.

    So I want to know before i make any call whether anyone would be remotely interested in doing something like this.

    Here is an overhead picture of the area where this would be located. Its roughly 765.77 feet across.

    If this does get going id also hope to have a few plywood and enviro-friendly foam buildings....

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  2. 703

    703 Active Member

    You forgot one crutial detail ... The location ...

    How are we supposed to be interested in it if we don't know where it is.

    Just make sure to ask the town before hand and also talk to your local PD. They MIGHT let you play there but building on public property is usually not allowed. Also it's generally a bad idea to play on public land even if they say yes... Someone sees a bunch of people running around in woods I can guarentee you they will call the cops.

    Also are you sure it's public land and not owned by one of the people surrounding it ? Another thing to watch for is people hunting.

    Edit : Just realized this was posted in the NY forum haha. Where exactly are you located in NY ?
    If you are any were near western NY (rochester) there are a few actual fields to play at.
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  3. Shiftyshooter

    Shiftyshooter Learn from your mistakes. Lifetime Supporter

    From what I see, there are roads and houses nearby.
  4. Lil_Shady

    Lil_Shady Administrator Staff Member Lifetime Supporter

    Let's see.... homes, roads, a childrens playground.... I can oretty safely guarantee it'll be a no. Also, that field doesn't look like it would be overly great for play anyway, too much open space.
  5. MikeyBugs95

    MikeyBugs95 Member

    New York
    Alright... i see your points... i guess ill toss the idea out the window... Hey Shifty. Can you close down this thread then?
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