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  1. PotatoChipDip

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    hey guys, gonna be potentially getting back into airsoft but this time around i think gas is for me, seems way more fun, but I can’t decide what to get, seems like most guns are out of stock as well, at the moment I’m kinda torn between a ghk or WE m4, maybe a vfc 416, i seem to see a lot of **** talk on WE, is it worth the extra to get a nicer system less likely to break? or is breaking down just a part of gbb & im better off with we? or any other brands i should be familiar with? ideally for price range the WE is more where im looking, but ill pay more if its worth it.
  2. Ben3721

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    WE pistols are pretty bad. I've had a few of my own, all broke due to poor metal parts. I've heard some of their gbb rifles can be worked with to be alright.

    The newer ghk rifles are pretty beefy these days. M4 and ak varieties. They are just expensive to get into. But people have them hpa'ed with drum mags allowing them to be competitive to aegs while enjoying the full blowback function.

    Some of the newer tippmann m4s are pretty decent and reliable, if you can even get one anymore.

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    Old bridge
    I own Both a GHK MK18 and a VFC Hk416a5 GBB Asia edition and both are rock solid, the only complaint i have is the cost of magazines on both platforms however its expected when you go to the GBBR platform.
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    Tethers...blasphemy! Asia left the tethers for realism in the early 1990s...

    When deciding on a platform...look to the platform that "has" spare parts, readily available parts and accessories. Of which WE can GHK does not. Only one that does is the Marui MWS. And with the Marui...it's quite good and pretty durable if you run it "in" spec.
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    I thought ghk sells spare parts and there's aftermarket parts these day? I mean its typically sold out on evike but still. Didn't they also have a gen 2 design of the m4 and ak lineup? Which changes part compatibility?
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    GHK "may" sell spare parts...but how readily available are they in the USA? Most of their clients are in Asia and thus their main supplier base is there. Pay 30.00 for a new nozzle and pay 30.00 to ship it over...not ideal for a platform that requires spare parts.

    TM has spare part needs too. But, their strength are the many suppliers that also sell accessories for MWS, in the vicinity of 25...versus GHK has about...5. And GHK supplier are making and selling parts that make the GHK more "durable". This is due to limited testing and quick batch manufacturing...though they are making some changes.
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    I remember having this exact same dilemma. I Posed a very similar question a couple years back and got some great advise. A search may yield those threads, I would highly recommend reading them. I really thought long and hard about what system to go with. I looked into them off and on for months before I finally pulled the trigger;) on one. I narrowed it down to either the WE or the GHK, some would disagree with my two choices but for me those were the two within my price range at the time and available, and so on and so on. Of those two I picked the GHK with Colt trades. I LOVE it.
    My only real issue so far was cramming BB's into the mags with a regular speed loader I had glued an adapter too. I cracked 9 magazines worth of feed lips before I realized it, almost right out of the gate. They were still feeding so I just figured I would let it go for a while, bad move. One of the magazines let go of a bunch of BB's at once causing a jam in full auto; this broke my hopup. So I learned a lesson, stop cramming BB's into the mags like that, and file the lower part of the feed lip openings with a chainsaw file just a bit so hopefully this will mitigate future issues. I replaced all of the feed lips and my hopup.
    As far as parts, not so many available state side for the GHK. This doesn't bother me too much, Samoon has purty much every spare part there is and seems to always be in stock. Yes, I do pay more for shipping from over seas, I try to make it worth it by ordering extra parts I think may come in handy later on. I'm not sure It's really even that much more expensive with their shipping. I found feed lips available state side for $8.00ea (Evike:eek::mad:) before shipping. Samoon sells them for $4.00ea before shipping. Half price, and shipping speed seems to be not much more than other suppliers..... ahem (Evikeo_O)
    There are plenty of other people on her more knowledgeable than me about the GBB platforms and the pros and cons of each. I'm still relatively new to the GBB world myself. This has been my experience so far though, with my choice for GBB.
    Now off to type up a question thread of my own, gota question about upgrading my GHK.
    Good luck on the GBB, it's a different game and tons of fun.:D
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    I'm looking to sell my ghk mk18 that's heavily upgraded but never seen the field after the upgrades. RA Tech bolt carrier and NPAS, TnT Hopup and barrel, Acetech mock suppressor, Dbal green laser, surefire repro, Magpul furniture, 7 magazines. 4 c,02 and 3 gmags. 1 gmag has DH mod done to it the rest have the KJW reinforced fill valves and whatever else I have for it.