Loose GBBP parts advice

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    I recently picked up a WE Desert Eagle L6 and I've noticed that the end of the barrel is a bit loose. Enough to where it can wobble around if I pull/push on it. So, I am wondering if this is normal or if I might be able to do something to it to make it feel more solid. What sort of materials could I use? Is it better to just let it have a bit of slack?

    Also, just because I feel like it should be said, the DEagle isn't nearly as big as people say it is. It's as big as my GFs WE Dragon, just twice as thick. Don't know why people say it's too big or something. Unless you're into HiCappas, then yeah, way too big.
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    Saying it's loose is a relative description. Let's see if it's "float" (design) or "wobbly" (defect) loose.

    Post a video of the issue please...