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    I have a friend getting out of airsoft because they moved out of country. I am also selling some of my extra stuff. I am willing to trade for the following:

    -Broken guns that take M4 mags
    -M4 Mags Working only
    -Grenades Borken/Working
    -Lightweight rails/ Handguards
    -M4 long type pistol grips
    -Plastic/Lightweight outer barrels
    -Hop up/Barrels
    -FN57 Borken/Working
    -Borken/Working ACR

    I am currently fixing/rebuilding the PDW and 1911 but if you want as is I will sell it

    - VFC PDW 250- Works shoots about 275-300 .20g Doesn’t shoot fast.
    - M1911 Elite Force 150- All mags have blown O Rings.

    Everything else is good to go

    - Black Fast Helmet System- $60 Its the same System I use
    - MP9c Pistol Only - $100
    - MP9c Mags - $30
    - MP9 Drop-Leg - $65 I can Paint this tan if you want.
    - All MPc stuff - $200 Mags, Drop-Leg, Gun
    - Black Vest - $50 holds 8 M4 Mags comes with all pouches seen.
    - Green Vest - $20 Basic Vest can hold Hydo
    - HSGI Bet - $80 Pick one of the belts for the system in the Pic
    - UR-Tac Action Shirt ATacs-LE - $60

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    colorado springs

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    Always ask if you think you might have something to trade it doesnt hurt :)