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    great falls
    My name is Luke, and about a year ago I was really into airsoft. I kind of started to get out of it because I had started high school and didn't have as much free time. Well about 2 months ago I remembered that I had some store credit on ASM, but only enough to buy a boneyard gun. I bought a CM.041 that needed a new trigger set, so I fixed it up but could never get the gun together. I ran into just a bunch of little problems, but with sophomore year starting I had even less free time than before. The gun didn't need any new parts to be fixed, just some elbow grease that I did not feel like offering. Some guy on airsoftmechanics offered to trade me for his DE M88 with a G&P gearbox and a G&G high torque motor, both of which were brand new. After making sure he was fo' real I happily accepted, and I have that gun right now.
    Turns out, I don't really like airsoft anymore. I am mainly here to be sell that gun and scrape up some extra cash. I do think I will probably buy a little pistol, I am eyeing the KWA ATP V2. But I doubt I will ever play another game in my life.
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    Good luck selling you DE M88. Try Ebay.