LWRC M6 CA sportline edition problem help?

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    Yes i have checked motor height and the fuse. The backstory is that the battery in the gun (not the one in the video) became extremly hot and burnt out the battery completly. It was a warm day and everything about the gun became hot and it smelt like burning a little, thats when i stopped and took out my back up. There are two problems in this video, one the gun not shooting and the second the fire selector breaking making it a guessing game if it will shoot full, semi, or on safety. If you could help me with both of these that would be great. Also i know that if batteries get hot they produce less volatge so could a short circuit from either that or from the heating of the wire be the cause of this problem?
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    oh and one last thing, if i dont respond right away its because i dont have a way to access internet near me or that i am using my psp and typing on it is a hassle, especially when typing longer replies.

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    The heat produced could be the result of a poor battery (obviously), this may result in the melting and even slight burning in the stock. I strongly recommend upgrading your battery. Also, your gun was as hot as mine that day, and probably everyone else's. I don't think that the heat produced from the sun could have caused your gun to stop cycling.
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    Although ive been kinda distant from the forums, I'm craving helping someone fixing a gun:p. sounds to me like you may have screwed up your selector plate(melted it maybe). I know on CAs they have the electrical safety(contacts on the selector plate). I'd check that out. It doesn't require any opening of the gearbox.