M16A4/MK12 and Graveyard USP

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    Alright, here's everything:

    M16A4/MK12 ($120):
    I started this build a couple years ago and it didn't turn out like I wanted. All the parts together is cumulatively $200+
    - 400 fps
    - Takes large type batteries or small type, with adapter
    - Madbull Black Python Tightbore
    - Madbull MK12 (Where the value of this gun comes from)
    - ergo grip
    - Troy battle sights
    - low pro gas block
    - M1 hardstock (plastic)
    - Full metal reciever
    - one-piece hop up
    - JG/Golden Eagle Gearbox and the powerful JG Gold Motor
    - Custom war torn snakeskin camo
    - Has an electrical short in the wiring somewhere that will need fixing. I believe it is just the Large to small adapter.
    Comes with:
    - The rifle
    - Small (f) to large (m) battery adapter (Allows large battery to be charged with a small type charger)
    - Large (f) to small (m) battery adapter (Allows small type battery to be used with the rifle)
    - large type battery
    - 4 midcap magazines
    - 1 highcap magazine
    - 4 rail covers
    - Add on the 4 Magpul Mag assists for an extra $10

    HK KWA USP Compact ($60):
    Awesome, lightweight, sidearm. I foolishly used it as a prop for a theater performance, and the mags now have bad seals, resulting in bad gas efficiency when firing, which is the reason for the low price. Easy fix. Retails for $139 with one mag.
    - Lightweight
    - Highly accurate
    - Adjustable hop
    - Green Gas
    - Full HK trades
    - 330 to 340 fps
    - Custom painted dark earth receiver. Makes it one of a kind.
    - Compact (you don't say?!)
    - Inefficient magazines that need repair :(
    Comes with:
    - The pistol
    - 2 magazines
    - Hop-up wrench
    - Original box and manuals

    With that out of the way, a few quick things:

    Seller Info:
    - I'm located in Rockwall, Texas 75032
    - I accept PayPal
    - If you are local, I will drive it to you :)
    - Will ship, but I ask you cover the price
    - Only shipping to continental 48 states
    - Once shipped, not my responsibility
    - I will provide you with tracking info
    - PM if you are interested in buying, or you have questions
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    I'm extremely interested in the weapon system.i live in NC whats the lowest you would take for a beginner looking to have fun before I leave for basic training in October
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    $120 is the lowest i can go on the m16, I'm afraid. The rail alone is worth $110.
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    Palm Coast
    Are you willing to trade? I have a baby hi capa with 3 mags, one being boneyard.
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    I'm interested. PM me