M249 Para Upgrade

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    I've got an E1 M249 in need of repair/upgrades. This is what I've got spec wise on it:

    Standard A&K gears
    M120 spring(I think)
    Green Piston with one metal tooth
    SHS High Torque Motor short type
    Non-ported cylinder
    Plastic nozzle and cylinder head
    Standard A&K M249 trigger switch
    Deans plugs.

    My budget's around $150, may rise and fall depending on my situatons at hand. If it's fairly cheap to ship, I'd also like someone to work on it for me. My target fps is between 410 and 425, mid 20s rof, on either 7.4 or 11.1(Haven't purchased any batteries yet.) Any insight as to what I should buy, or plans for it are greatly appreciated.