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  1. cysko

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    Hey guys, I am thinking of converting my Jg m4 CQB to a electric blowback m4. I know that i will have to change out the gearbox to get the blowback features but i need help on the body, will i need to get a new upper reciever to get the blowback action to work on it? What other things might i want to consider if i am going to change it over to a blowback gun?
  2. Napple

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    Why would you want one? It'll just damage your gb shell and will be a waste of money.

    You'd have to completely switch out the gearbox. And (unsure of this) would have to switch out the bolt itself.

  3. Finalencounter

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    Don't go with electric, if you want blowback, use pneumatic.
  4. Protectionperfection

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    electric blowbacks cause more problems than they are worth. thats why they are the cheap blowbacks. They put more wear and tear on the gearbox and gun and drain your battery as well. They also dont even produce enough blow back to even notice.
    If you want a blowback make sure you do a pneumatic like mentioned above or get a gas gun.
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