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    So I'm looking into HPA Engine installing my cm16 srs I know its a Ver 2 gearbox for the AEG

    I know my research on HPA Engine Advantages and disadvantages over highly upgraded AEGs.

    I like the highly upgraded AEGs that last nearly 1-2 years but I don't want to go through the high maintenance in the AEG's highly upgraded force because I know there is a lot of stress going on inside the AEG system and I know every around 30,000 - 35,000 shots (around 7 months of 2 full day games each month for me) I have to maintain everything to the gearbox and the piston if something went wrong like a open seal or stripped gears which means more money to maintain instead of the regular silicone oil maintenance I find that very stressful to diagnose what to maintain and do the maintenance which takes around 2 days or longer because

    I read that you only have to lubricate the nozzle (every 30,000 - 40,000 shots) since there are only around 2 - 3 moving parts (depending which HPA engine you get), and do the hydro check for the tanks every 5 years and that seems really easy.

    Will it be worth putting the little money extra to get a speed trigger (I know many on here is milsim but I'm a speedsofter *sorry* thats why I want a speed trigger) for the HPA Engine Engine Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox or the drop in cylinder too. The speed trigger is for a boost to the semi auto fire for my fields that only allow semi auto for all HPA systems while AEG and GBB have full auto. Will the HPA Engine conversion from a Highly Upgraded AEG be worth the 700-800 $ because I don't want to spend that much and a High Upgraded AEG is really similar to the performance of a HPA Engine

    But as an M4 Engine Hpa there is the full Engine Electro-Pneumatic Gearbox which is a cylinder drop in and the Full internal replacement.

    Which one would be better in the long run as an performance, reliability, and price.

    I'm choosing between the

    Gen 3 Ver 2 Fusion Engine (Black Nozzle)



    SMP (Wolverine)

    Which one is more reliable and easy to drop in my gun (Cm 16 srs) and which is more variable with triggers and FPS.

    Please I'd take advice and tips
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